Jenny Weitzman

Jenny Weitzman

Dalhousie University
Marine Affairs

Jenny Weitzman completed her Bachelors of Science at Dalhousie University where she specialized in Marine Biology and Oceanography. She recently completed her Masters of Marine Management at Dalhousie University. She is now continuing her interdisciplinary studies in marine affairs as an interdisciplinary PhD student studying within the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie University. Jenny’s interdisciplinary research works at the intersection of science and public policy where she studies the tools and strategies to support holistic decision-making for aquaculture. In particular, Jenny has developed an interest in the public’s understanding and acceptance of aquaculture, which she sees as an essential aspect of sustainable aquaculture. Her masters work looked at the potential for certification schemes to support acceptable and profitable aquaculture in Nova Scotia. Jenny is now conducting her PhD work to develop an integrated framework for salmon aquaculture carrying capacity in Atlantic Canada that integrates production, ecological, and social carrying capacity. Her ultimate goal through her work is to help managers and regulators support sustainable aquaculture.


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