Ingunn Marie Holmen

Ingunn Marie Holmen


Ingunn Marie Holmen is a senior research scientist with SINTEF Ocean, as well as a Ph.D. candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Holmen has been with SINTEF for the last twenty-five years focusing on occupational safety and health for workers in extreme environments, with the last six years specializing in safety and risk management for both fisheries and aquaculture. Her current work centers on the topic of “Safety and risk management in exposed aquaculture operations.” Holmen has published papers on fatal and non-fatal injury, risk assessments, reducing risk through automation, fatigue and sleep disturbances, and other OHS topics in in aquaculture and commercial fishing. Holmen was a member of the Scientific Committee for IFISH 5 – International Fishing Industry Safety and Health Conference – co-sponsored by Memorial University, the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety and the Food and Agriculture Organization in June 2018.

She and Trine Thorvaldsen are the authors of the Norway Country Profile of Aquaculture Occupational Health and Safety, a contribution to the global initiative supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

She is working in partnership with Memorial University to compare Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) patterns, risk management and regulations, based on recent and ongoing research projects in the Norwegian aquaculture industry.

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